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I feel a certain nostalgia, I can’t deny it. I am a great football fan and since I was a child I have always been a great supporter of Valencia. I continually remember those days when the club of my loves made the front pages of the big newspapers for their sporting successes. I still have a folder with some of them that I cut out in my teens. We were champions of the League, of the Cup, finalists in the Champions League twice in a row… What a team we had: Cañizares, Ayala, Pellegrino, Angulo, Mendieta, “Piojo” López. What times were those!

For this reason, when I started working at Sportium I thought that everything would be Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético. Not surprisingly, they are the ones that currently monopolize the sporting successes of recent years. The surprise came when I discovered that one of my Valencian idols was participating in online poker tournaments. None other than Santiago Cañizares!

But when I really freaked out was when they told me anyone could play poker with him. Nothing less than playing with the goalkeeper of that champion team! I couldn’t contain myself and asked the Poker manager at Sportium for more details about these tournaments.

That is why all the players who share a table with him not only have a fun time with my hero of youth, but also try at all costs to win that game and take the €149.99 bounty

I wanted to know more about the tournament and they invited me to attend a face-to-face poker tournament at Casino La Toja where Cañizares was participating. There I was able to ask the former goalkeeper some questions (I know, they are dying of envy)

“On Thursdays, both the players and I had a great time. The atmosphere is extraordinary. I feel like Rambo, persecuted by the whole world. The reason is the bounty ”, Cañizares explained about this tournament that he captains.

Cañizares has been playing Rambo since April and trying to survive the persecution of hundreds of poker players who are looking for his head and the prize. That’s why I wanted to ask him if he remembered any particular game. “I had a great time at the Sportium monthly tournament in July. I was beating tables, but in the end I fell close to the final table with JJ vs KQ… But I remember that I played beautiful sets. The best hands were Four of a Kind and a Royal Flush. In both I was able to rip a lot of chips out of the game,” he explained.

With no less than 22 Bounty tournaments under his belt, he has gained enough experience to be able to give some advice on what type of strategy should be adopted by those like me who want to start playing poker regularly.

“The strategy depends on the chips I have in that game. I am more aggressive if I have more and conservative if I have less. Each one adopts a strategy according to how they feel at that moment. There are tournaments in which it seems that you are not the same playing. It depends a lot on how confident you are. I recommend that if you start playing, maintain a conservative strategy and from then on enjoy an activity that is becoming more and more widespread.”

Online and Face-to-face

Online and Face-to-face

One of the great advantages that online casino has is that it offers the possibility not only to play poker online but also to participate in face-to-face tournaments thanks to its satellite tournaments.

It was precisely in one of these face-to-face tournaments, the Casino la Toja Monthly Tournament, that I was able to do the interview. I invite you to watch the rest of the interview.

As Cañizares himself admits, he is a regular poker player not only in the online world but also in face-to-face tournaments. In this sense, he is clear about the difference that he appreciates between online poker and face-to-face poker: “Online everyone is more daring… but not only in Poker. The computer world overcomes shyness”

Satellite Tournaments

As we explained, one of the great incentives is the possibility of playing poker in person in some of the best casinos in Spain. The best thing is that you get handsome because that day being in a robe is useless. You will feel like a professional.

Online casinos offers you the chance to play at Casino Cirsa Valencia and Casino La Toja.

  • Monthly Tournament – La Toja: every month you can participate in our casino satellite tournaments and win a free pass to the Monthly Tournament live at Casino La Toja.
  • Monthly Tournament – Valencia: every month participate in our satellites at casino and win your free pass to the live Monthly Tournament at Casino Cirsa Valencia.

But very soon, next November, you will also be able to play live at the Marbella Casino if you win the right to its Satellite.

Other online tournaments

Other online tournaments

Online casino has a wide range of tournaments every day and for all tastes. Some of the most prominent are:

  • Explosive Sunday: Sunday will become your favorite day of the week thanks to our most daring tournament with €3,000 guaranteed.
  • Welcome Freerolls: Every month there are 2 Welcome Freerolls that you can participate in. They are held on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. and with a guaranteed €200 each. If you want to participate, you only have to make a deposit and automatically 4 tokens (tournament tickets) will be credited to your account.

These Freerolls are part of the poker Welcome Bonus, which consists of a bonus of 200% of what you have deposited up to €1,000 + 4 tokens for the Welcome Freerolls. If you’ve already made your first deposit, your bonus is waiting for you: just create your poker alias.

I feel a certain nostalgia, I can’t deny it. I am a great football fan and since I was a child I have always been a great supporter of Valencia. I continually remember those days when the club of my loves made the front pages of the big newspapers for their sporting successes. I still…

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